2009年9月23日 星期三

Wedding Planner Tips and Ideas

Ther is no need to work yourself up over the small deatails of the day . Instead , spend your timeplanning a wedding that is perfect with your loved one by your side .You will find invaluable resources to guide you along the way . Wedding plans are actually one of the first major decisions couples have to make within their lives together . So , breathe a little and smile a lot !
you did it ! You are engaged ! It's time to start your wedding planning . But , where do you start ? Who do you talk to ? Where do you go to find everything about wedding ? There are many questions floating through your mind . You're worried about plaaning every wedding detail . You're thinking about so much all at once .

Basic wedding planning
1 . How to propose (Creativity does not have to cost a lot money )
2 . Including romance .Find out what she think is romantic and then make it happen .
3 . Being sensitive .Do not embarrass her by being very public about the proposal when she is a very privite person .
4 . Saying the wrong thing . Be careful not to say the wrong thing .
5 . Picking a place . Consider very carefully where tp propose .
6 . Picking a time . If she is not a morning person , that is probably not the time .
7 . Getting help from friends . Don't be hesitant to enlist the help of others .
8 . Making it memorable . She will tell the story many , many times .
9 . Using a video camera . Decide if you want it recorded . You may just want someone to use a camera .
10. Getting down on one knee and not forgetting the ring . There are many way to propose marriage to the one you love . With a little effort , it will be a very memorable and happy event .

*** Take the time to research and decide on the perfect way to propose !!

Good Luck !!


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