2010年12月27日 星期一

New Launching of "Air Brush Make up"

Comprehensive introduction to Professional AIRBRUSH Make up Technique

An intensive , hands on training with accomplished working tutors .

An introduction to the state of the art skills and techniques in airbrush make up application for Film , HDTV , Theatre & Fashion .

An airbrush makeup demonstration revealed the hollywood make up secret and showed how a natural . flawless look is created in film , Tv and film and high defination ( HD ) makeup .

WHY AirBrush??

~~Long Lasting
~~Fast & Easy
~~Light Weight

Tips & Features

1.Lightest coverage wins ~ A series of very light passes of color , at the correct distance will result in the most even light weight coverage .

2.Natural Beauty ~ Create the special pixilated coverage that re-balances youthful skin appearance . It is designed to hide reveal and balance your natural beauty .

3.Goes where you want it ~ The air is surprisingly gentle , the coverage is softly focused and goes just where you point it . The more you practice the easier it gets, especially with a friend at your side .

4.Stays where you put it ~ Spray and go . It sets on contact without any setting powder .

5.Save on Laundry ~ It doesn't rub off on cloths or wedding gowns .

6.Save on cleaser ~While it resists rubbing off , it is easy to wash off (Face & Neck) with cleanser.


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