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The way To be Professional MUA

Is it your lifelong dream to work in Hollywood? There are many like you who feel the same way so hedge your bets before going to Tinsel Town.


Despite the fact that there are hundreds of media related jobs in Hollywood other than acting, it is often the first occupation that comes to mind. One other popular position is that of a makeup artist. If this interests you, you may be wondering how you can become one.

Before focusing on how you can become a Makeup artist, it is important to know what you can expect when working as one. This is important, as you want a job that you enjoy. As you can gather from the name, a Hollywood mua applies body or face makeup to the stars who appear in front of the camera.

In addition to traditional make up parts, such as foundation and blush, these career people are used to transform a character. This is very common with horror films, where the use of make up is very important.

What Type Makeup Artist Jobs Are Available?

Makeup artist jobs vary greatly, depending on the project in question. With that said, you should be an early person.

Get Up And Go Get 'Em!!

Applying makeup to Hollywood stars is the first step of filming for the day. Since many operate on tight deadlines, your day could easily start between four or six in the morning. You may also be in for a long day, especially when working on a movie set. Touchup is applied to actors and actresses throughout the day.

How To Become A MUA

Now that you know what your day may look like as a makeup artist, it is important to focus on how you can become one.

Job Requirements

The job requirements normally require at least a high school diploma or GED. Or ... Some TV or movie studios will prefer a degree or certificate of completion from a cosmetology school. Speaking of which, experience working in cosmetology is good. Hollywood makeup artists also need to be very detailed and have good art skills.

MUA Training And Education

As previously stated, often a high school education is enough, but more education and training cannot hurt you. A degree in cosmetology can set you apart from the massive amount of competition in Hollywood. As an added bonus, minor in another media related filed, such as art, film, or theater.

A Makeup Artist MUST Have Experience In The Field - Where To Get It

Work experience is also needed to become a successful makeup artist. This experience is best combined with education, but experience can land you a job alone. If you will relocate to Hollywood, get as much experience as possible beforehand.

Work or volunteer to do the makeup of local plays. Community plays are advised, but try anything that can give you experience, such as high school plays.

The Intern Approach

Working as an intern is another approach to take. You get on-the-job training. In most cases, you will not be paid, but the knowledge you walk away with is very valuable. Intern with a well-known mua.

Throughout the years, as you gain experience in makeup application, keep a journal outlining your work. Take photographs to create a portfolio. These samples can be used for your portfolio. Before snapping a photograph, ask to take pictures. Let your model know how their pictures will be used.

Work With Makeup Artists Who Are Already Working

When you arrive in Hollywood, you will want to start looking for work. It may be easier to get your start working as an employee first. Research companies that are known for working on movie and television sets.

Submit your resume. In the meantime, continue gaining experience by working in a salon or day spa. If and when you become successful, consider branching out and freelancing or starting your own business. Now, stop reading and start doing .. This is the key to success as an mua.


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