2012年12月24日 星期一

merry Christmas !!

                                                 Wish all my lovely Friends & Clients  ;
                                                                  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

                                                My son was helping up to set up a christmas  tree

                                                                 He is interesting !!

                          Tree is from last year , just add in some new hanging accessories

                               Is time for my son taking photo , all the photo are just so blur ...

                                                     Im Blur , Coz he just 3 year 's old child  !~~!

                                     OOOoooHH.....Christmas tree , christmas tree ,christmas tree...

                                                 You all See , It was Finally set it done !!

                                                        1st posing to said Merry christmas !!

                                                          He is exciting to hold kaka to posing ,wasn't see the clear face                                                         kakak celebrating Christmas too ,
                                                Wish her Family & fren also have a warm & cheers 's Christmas ,
                                          for her 1st year celebrating in Malaysia !!

                                                               And This is me :)
                                   May everyone have a wonderful merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

                                              The Blur , blur  Christams Tree In the house;

                                                     @ De Vouge Wedding Gallery & Academy
                                                        @ Simply Art Studio
                                                         @ Geozo Makeup


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