2014年5月2日 星期五

The MIX Baby Bump - The Third Week

I got to know this campaign called "Mix Baby Bump" via invitation by Mix Fm breakfast show 
Brendan Lim 

Mix Breakfast producer​

Introduce by my graduated makeup student , V-sha ,she is TV Host at Astro & annoucher cum Breakfast show producer at THR Raaga Malaysia .

Surprisingly My wedding&makeup gallery got this opportunity of sponsorship to join this campaign.

Unfortunately i couldn't provide my makeup services by myself ,that day i got customer who had book my makeup services quit so time a ago.  

The duty completed by my another 2 graduated student :

Siew Ling & Poh ling

They had complete a good job!!

would like to take this opportunity to express my so much thank you to them . 

Thanks to visit my wedding & beauty Blog !
Recently only active in blogging.
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