2015年8月29日 星期六

2015 - 039 Actual Day makeup By Geozo Wong ( at De Vouge Wedding)

Sky Residential is been a trend for urban living people.
It's my pleasure to having opportunity to doing bridal image for my brides :
Melissa 's Actual day makeup & Hair styling .
Thus, trying the very 1st time experience to climb up this Luxury Condominium at Mont Kiara.
This photo being keep for more then a year.
Now only filtering file & free to share it with you all.
I'm pretty slow people , but does't mean i will give up easily .
Being put on so much patient to explored it .
Now , i think is the right time to sharing my experience and my thought .
People who who know me , sure they know i been more then 10 years in the same line - Makeup &  wedding .  Just Shifted and trying all the different post.
Wondering anyone willing stay with me to exhilarating my life,
honestly it will be a big applaud who going to be follow my simple sharing?
Let 's going view some behind the scene during bridal makeup.

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Kelly Chin 提到...

I like the natural and divine makeup plus the hairdo is super elegant. Wow lovely bride, I am sure she is the happiest lady on that day.

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