2015年9月4日 星期五

2015 - 037 Casual Couple wedding shoot for couple from Iran by de vouge wedding ( Malaysia)

Just a simple sharing about my today work. 
Casual Couple wedding shoot for couple from Iran with all their  immediate family member.
Thankz to Sarah introduced them to us.
Sister to this couple, who had stay in Malaysia more then 4 year.
She had called me one day before meet up for an consultation.
 Introduce them the current promotion , but it's being decided for quite some time.
A tailored package are designed to them as special request.
 after 2 hour , finally they had decide to taken our photography package.
They are hunger for the view at Putrajaya .

The reserved date for their shooting are coming, 
as usual i work out my duty.

Welcome guest , put on makeup for brides, touch up makeup for groom.
Normally i will ask client to change the outfit at studio,then only heading to venue.
i was asked , but they are preferred changing over the location.
Then i think it should be alright.
It's a sunny afternoon. 
travelling with jam all the way about 1 hour 30 min only arrive at the Putrajaya. (consider ok i think)

But , something unexpected was happen.
groom ask : Oops.. where is my white shirt?
And i'm in a daze for a while ... *~*
i answered : u take ?
he reply : NO, i no take!!
Gosh.... It's must be leave a the studio !!

We been Struggle for a while .
what should we do, how to solve it.
Anyway , we manage to discuss a fair and square solution.
and shooting are carried accordingly.

Another tired thing happen by nature , hot sun are gone .
follow by the fine rain.

We all been tiring , late for another appointment .
However , it's no a easy job !
But we still enjoying .
Doing Patiently , follow client need , no matter work under hot sun or rainy day.
All art maker should be the same (i think)
main point to carry out the best portrait if possible.
A simple "Thank you" from the client become the best compliment !

Good job & well done each of us!!
After this experience , i shall be more alert to all thing might be out of expectation.
Will keep it as my advise.

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renaelyng 提到...

Oh I didn't know you are a photographer! Wah you are good in so many things hehe. And a good blogger too!

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