2015年11月11日 星期三

2015 - 040 : 洋源湘味 China private kitchen

洋源湘味  China private kitchen

Today wish to share with your about the Delicious Hunan dish .
It's located at Pertama Residence .
For those who like spicy food , here u shouldn't miss out - 洋源湘味  China private kitchen .

The Restaurant is operated by Chef Ren with wife .
simple yet modern chinese cruisine
Let see what tempting food we had tried.

Seaweed Salad :  Their Own refined seaweed.
suitable before the having lunch / dinner.

Seaweed Salad
Home style spicy fried chicken : Using Pure Kampung Chicken mixed with chef prepared chili oil .
Original flavor from Hunan taste. The dish is so spicy ,if your not use to it,they can order as per your preferred less spiciness.

Home style spicy fried chicken
Spicy Lotus Root : Natural Lotus Root fried with few different type of chilies .
i like this so much , just felt so healthy .
Spicy Lotus Root

Braised Pork Fore Leg : It's Braised about 3 hour with chef‘s Secret family recipe.
taste similar with most braised pork. For those who like fat meat sure wouldn't miss out.

Braised Pork Fore Leg

Spicy tiao tiao wa : ( tianji)  Frog fried with 3 different type of chilies .

Spicy tiao tiao wa

Garlic Spicy Steam Fish Head : soy sauce,garlic mix with chilies steamed fish head.

Garlic Spicy Steam Fish Head

Green chilies fried pork : Chef Ren say this dish all Hunan housewife sure know how to cook one.
The taste it's really good to pair with white rice.

Green chilies fried pork

Hand tear fried cabbage : Chef Ren had mentioned the cabbage is hand tear mainly to keep the freshness of healthy dish preparation.

Hand tear fried cabbage

Shui zhu yu: The fish meat is fresh . Natural spicy soup is ready to taste.

Sui zhu yu

Soft Pumpkin bun : This bun is the most special bun i had try . Really crispy and soft .

Soft Pumpkin bun

Sizzling Slices Beef : when the dish sending from the kicthen ,we already can felt the spiciness in the air .

Sizzling Slices Beef

Fried Yee Mee :   Simple Yee Mee fried with prawn & egg .This is the most customer ordered dish .

Fried Yee Mee

Interested ? let's go ! 
洋源湘味  China private kitchen
Pertama Residency
Jalan 3/92B , Taman Kobena ,
56000 Cheras ,Kuala Lumpur.
Booking Via Phone : 
03 - 92017990

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24 則留言:

FiSh. ohFISHiee 提到...

Hunan sizzling beef is always very nice but i just couldnt take the spiciness hahahaha

Janice Yeap 提到...

I like the lotus root! my favourite dish! I should drop by next time :)

Sherry 提到...

so fast now November, soon December. Time fly, this restaurant not yet go try, its in Cheras so need inform my dad and bro of this.

kakalina wak 提到...

Love Hunan cuisine a lot here especially their delicious cabbage. Will bring my family visit this restaurant. :)

Cindy Tong 提到...

wooo everything look so delicious...

Isaac Tan 提到...

the braised pork fore leg does look good. yum

Wilson Ng 提到...

This is a very unique concept and didn't there is such restaurant in Taman Kobena.


5 little angels 提到...

Green chilies fried pork looks tempting. So much good food can be find here. I really need to try this out.

Betty Liew siaw fan 提到...

I love the food as it give me a home cook style. Yummy yummy n I miss my mum cooking

Wendy Pua 提到...

Spicy Lotus Root - is my favourite dishes !
crispy and savoury dish i always ordered!

Arisa Chow 提到...

Not a fan of chinese food, but will consider this since they serve spicy dishes. How's the pricing like?

Bella Enveeus 提到...

These food looks delicious. If only I could eat them. Maybe I should try making some of them myself. Haha

Anfield Yee 提到...

Yum! So many choices of food here! Would love to try that Sui zhu yu!

Kelly Chin 提到...

I like spicy food, the china spiciness is different from our local spice. Their is the numbing.

Ivy Kam 提到...

Been hearing so much about this restaurant recently, would like to try it out too :)

kakalina wak 提到...


FiSh. ohFISHiee 提到...

i love hunan dishes although i cant take too much of spicy food. but their unique pumpkin bun is very yummy and soft!

Maple Shuh Hong 提到...

all the foods look simple yet delicious! nice!

Caroline Ng May Ling 提到...

Omai! I think am going to love this place! Everything looks like homecooked food to me :D

Jessica Yong 提到...

Soft pumpkin bun looks so good. Hungry now ):

Jessica Yong 提到...

soft pumpkin bun looks so good. hungry nowwww

Miera Nadhirah Tan 提到...

Lovely food pictures... I will let my Chinese friends know about this place.....

Kelly Chin 提到...

I love the dished at China Private Kitchen because I like spicy food.

Arisa Chow 提到...

too bad in cheras and it's far for me! If not i would have go there to try already :(

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