2012年10月13日 星期六

Wondering Nothing can keep anything; Once its lose

Wondering Nothing can keep anything; Once its lose .

YES . I will share more photo , once i recovered all my previous photo .
You Know Why ??  Im so sad when i was losed all my photo that keeping all my lovely job 's photo in all kind of makeup collection n what i had done before .

I was truely blame myself ,why it is happen ? Just  because im absolutely careless in taking care of my hardisk . Lose everything , And wrongly trust a technician who had been formated my hardisk ,eventually we are just need to change the casing of RM60 is good enough . Finally ,its All about own wrong decision making . But A master save it for me however is just only in 200gb  , better then 1st technician i meet ,he wants me pay RM1000-RM2000 to recover all the file!!

What will do is , tidy up all my messed photo n share it through my blog .
At least , i still got some collection too .

If  you meet same problem as me , do consider well what should do next n ask the trusted professional in IT to avoid any disappointment !!

However it's happen to me , I will make sure it's will not be happen again !!


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