2014年4月8日 星期二

Bridal makeup & styling

Bridal makeup & styling by de vogue wedding gallery
V01M01H01 preview

I'm Just start my video tutorial since 1 january 2014,
Mainly  i trying to do some video sharing it to my assisting student 's reference .
So that ,they can easily remember the step in classroom .

Day come to day , i Had gather few different type of Video recoding bridal makeup / Hair styling .
Actually, i'm rear to do it now , being busy in my another chinese version blogging about my travel & Life style blog. You may check it then.

Anyway, i had decided to keep update my makeup tutorial soon .
Well , It's mean i be start my Vlogging later.
Since , it's a cyber world now.
Mean a lots more prefer online searching their preferred bridal makeup tutorial too.
But , i have to double up my time & speed to tidy up blog here .
This is a advise from few senior blogger ,who had guide me blogging.
Hope your will like it too.

Postscript of this Blog :
Thanks to visit my wedding & beauty Blog !
Recently only active in blogging. Hope your enjoy it .
you may follow or come back to view my blog if you like my sharing too .
I will update here Constantly !!


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