2015年1月31日 星期六

2015-001 My pretty Brides

My brides 20150129
Michelle Ng chia yee & Johnson
She is my Former colleagues , It's happiness that she put on trust with me as her makeup artist for their wedding day !! Thanks a lot !!
She have a very good skin texture , just a bit sensitive make her worries .
And like bridal image of simple yet elegant  style .
Below is the image matching for her wedding day.

Elegant hair style matching with Gypsophila .

Full brides makeup & hairdo with veil , gown and accessories .

She is so charming , nice to see in reality & looking great during photo shooting too.

Me & my brides 

Evening makeup & hairdo for her wedding dinner 

Complete bridal makeup & hairdo for wedding dinner
She is absolutely gorgeous   !

Me & my brides photo taking after makeup . The image for dinner session.

Bridal 's Hairdo  from back & side way

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